Maggie & Tom

Hoping to Adopt (Texas)


Meet Tom - by Maggie

Tom grew up in the Church and continues his love for God by filling in preaching and teaching Bible classes whenever he can, or is needed. He is surrounded by many close friends that he can be goofy with as well as have deep, meaningful conversations. Tom has grown in his faith and love as he has become a dad to Eli. Tom learned to work with his hands building and creating from his dad. He really enjoys woodworking and using the skills he learned by growing up in Boy Scouts. Our house is filled with many different projects Tom has made. He enjoys participating and watching any athletic event. His favorite team to watch is the Rangers. Being an Eagle Scout he enjoys adventure, being outside, and the hard work and dedication lifelong learning takes. He received a Master's degree and is a principal at the high school level.

Meet Maggie - by Tom

Maggie grew up going to church in the small town where she was raised with many members of her family. She grew up playing sports and loves to watch them any chance she gets. She likes to get her hands dirty by participating in outdoor activities as well as working on projects with Tom. She has a strong devotion to children that is evident by her being a teacher. Maggie is kind-hearted and gentle with a mothering personality. She is active in community, school, and church events. She has shown her love and devotion as she has become a mom to Eli.

Meet Brantley & Ella

We were so lucky to get pregnant with Brantley through fertility treatments after almost two years of trying for a baby. We welcomed sweet Brantley into our family on December 24, 2016 at 23 weeks pregnant. We were able to spend two emotional hours loving on him. After more fertility treatments, we were blessed to welcome Ella to our world on October 7, 2017 at 25 weeks. We were able to hold and love on Ella for twenty-four days before she went to heaven to be with her brother. We are so lucky to have the sweetest, tiniest little doll baby!

Meet Eli

We were matched with Eli's birth mother in August of 2019 and Eli was born shortly after in September. He has brought our family so much joy. He is a sweet, spunky, two year old. He loves being outside, playing with trucks, and animals. His favorite place is the zoo.

Our Home

The neighborhood we live in is family friendly with lots of kids playing together outside. One of our favorite things to do is play outside and talk to the neighbors. Maggie grew up in the community we are living in and we are surrounded by family, co-workers, and friends both new and old. We are lucky to be a part of such a loving community that loves us and supports us in our journey!

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